Reliance Globalcom Announces End-to-End Managed Video Conferencing Services for Enterprises Worldwide

 Reliance Globalcom has announced the launch of end-to-end managed video conferencing services for enterprises across the globe.

The suite of services includes 24x7 reservation-less video bridging & meeting room management, video endpoint management, event-based temporary upgrades, value-added services and video conferencing room rental with access to 2500+ video conferencing rooms across the world. Additionally, the suite of services will have access to 190 video conferencing rooms at Reliance World stores across 100 cities in India and will also offer end-to-end, easy to use service suite spanning Tablets, PCs, Room Systems and Telepresence systems. The new service will enable Reliance Globalcom to offer a one-stop option for global end-to-end, integrated and customized video conferencing, to its existing and new customers. Existing customers of Reliance Globalcom's network connectivity service will have the added advantage of a fully managed collaborative network environment, when they subscribe to the new video conferencing service.

Reliance Globalcom will utilize state-of-the-art video technology infrastructure (including one of the world’s few fully deployed Global Video Exchanges) and global Points-of-Presence at London, New York, Shanghai, Toronto and Hong Kong to deliver and support video services, enabling users across the world to meet instantaneously regardless of their video equipment, network provider or type of connection.

Customers of this service will be able to bring their existing video conferencing equipment onto this managed platform. The offering allows customers to choose services based on business needs, from just cloud based reservation less video bridging to end-to-end conferencing management.

In India, Reliance facilitates 300,000 hours of video conferencing in a year, thereby saving up to 40,000 tons of carbon emission. Almost 2,000 organizations use Reliance's video conferencing services for a range of business applications. Reliance Globalcom will draw upon this experience and expertise.

14-Feb-2012 18:04:16