Moving All-In in Poker Tournaments

Moving All-In in Poker Tournaments

One of the most effective moves in a poker tournament is shoving all-in. While many poker players disagree with moving all-in as a common practice, there are many instances when shoving all-in is more profitable than attempting to play after the flop. Determining when it is appropriate to move all-in is key to making the all-in play profitable.

Here are some tips to determining when an all-in shove is appropriate:

Move All-in Against Players of Far Higher Skill Level

When a player constantly outplays you after the flop, moving all-in is the best play. The all-in move takes the play out of the hand. The opposing player cannot outplay you or cause you to fold, as you have committed all your chips. As a result, they can only calculate odds – no more scaring you into folding or causing you to call with second best all the way to the river. What you will find is that this skilled player will become frustrated, tangling with you far less, as you have taken away one of his best weapons, which is his superior post-flop play. Against this player, you will find him folding far more often than he should. The end result is that you begin outplaying him preflop and have neutralized his post flop combat skills against you.

Moving All-in in the Tournament’s Later Rounds

If you have played somewhat solid throughout the PokerStars tournament, it is no secret to your opposition that you have high standards for your starting hands. As a result, you can capitalize on their knowledge and move all-in allowing you to steal blinds and take down pots uncontested. If you find yourself in later position and action has folded around to you, do not hesitate to shove all-in with a range of hands against players who are capable of folding to a show of strength.

Moving All-in on the Bubble

In multi-table tournaments, players tend to play far more cautiously as they approach the bubble – or the threshold of cashing. Players become concerned about getting crippled or failing to cash when this close to the money. This is a great opportunity to exploit their fear. Moving all-in on the bubble will cause many a player to fold great hands. Most players look for reasons to fold. The all-in move on the bubble typically gives them the reason they are looking for. You will see players proudly and incorrectly fold hands such as pocket jacks, or ace king citing the lack of willingness to “race.” In reality, they simply wish to survive into the money.

Successful tournament play depends greatly on the everest poker all-in move. By determining when and against whom you should move all-in against is key to becoming a long term successful and profitable tournament poker player.